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Prior to your lip micropigmentation procedure, think about the results you wish to achieve. As an expert in the field - we will advise what is the best choice for you and help you make your decision. However, you are a big part of the decision making process and we have to make sure we both agree on the chosen technique and color. 


Lip Micropigmentation enhancements normally require multiple applications. To achieve the best results, you will need ro return for a touch up appointment 6-12 weeks after  the initial application. Everyone’s skin is different and in some cases one procedure is enough, but most of the time multiple applications are required to achieve the desired results. Some clients might need extra appointments. Clients more likely to need extra appointments are:


  • Those whose skin types are oily, porous, or sensitive

  • Those whose skin is thin or of darker tone

  • Those who have previous permanent makeup that is not well done

  • Those who have medical conditions compromising their healing 

  • Those who have scarring in the lip area


The first touch up will be free, but if any additional touch ups are needed, there is an additional fee.


Be prepared for the coulor intensity to be sharper and darker immediately after the procedure. This will subside and become softer as the skin heals. This process can take up to 7 days.

  • Since the lips have delicate skin, they may be swollen or have redness around them

We advise not to make social plans on the day of your enhancement.

  • Please wear your normal makeup to your enhancement appointment.

  • Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen in the 2 days prior to your procedure.

  • Do not discontinue any medications before consulting with your doctor.

  • Do not drink alcohol in the 2 days prior to your treatment.

  • Do not use 1% Retin A skincare product close to the area to be treated for 6 weeks prior to your procedure.

  • Avoid professional chemical peels close to the procedure site for 4 weeks prior to your procedure.

  • Make sure you moisturize your lips well every day for at least 7 days prior to your procedure.

We advise to drink plenty of water to avoid lips drying out and to help with the healing process.

  • WE also recommend doing a gentle lip scrub 1 week and also 2 days prior to your procedure 

You can use homemade scrub (mix coconut oil and sugar.) This will help to achieve better results during the procedure.

  • If you have a history of cold sores (herpes simplex) and are scheduling a lip enhancement, we advise you to use anti-herpes medication (for example Zovirax ointment) that can be obtained from a chemist. Use the medication 5 days prior and 5 days after your enhancement 5 times a day to reduce  the incidence of outbreak by 50%. Oral anti herpes medication  (available on prescription) will control incidence of outbreak more or completely. Micropigmentation does not cause cold sores, however if you carry the virus, it lay dormant in the system and can be aroused by the treatment process.

  • IPL laser hair removal around the mouth should be carried out no more than 2 weeks prior to your procedure.

  • Waxing and bleaching treatments should be performed no less than 2 weeks prior to your procedure 

  • Electrolysis treatments should be performed no less than 4 weeks prior to your procedure.

  • Dermal fillers in the lips should be performed no less than 4 weeks prior to your procedure.

  • Please be aware that the National Blood Service does not accept donations of blood for 4 months after micropigmentation.

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